Everything has a growth curve. You begin in ignorance, you learn, you grow and you become proficient. Sometimes you become extremely skilled in something. It’s that magical combination of skill and talent coming together to create something more than either part is alone. What happens next often makes the difference between the work-a-day drudges and […]

Burnout is the ugly side of being devoted to your work. In the world of non-profit administration, it’s a real problem. We love what we do, but even the best, most rewarding job can become a grind. Especially in our theatrical world, where hard work and creativity mingle like watercolors in the hands of a […]

July is here. Where did the year go? It must be time to check on how our goals for the year are progressing. So go find that list you made in January and let’s see how things are going. Okay, what’s on the list? Decrease expenses Improve quality of performances Increase audience attendance Offer more/better/creative […]

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock since the turn of the century, you know that social media is the latest “must-have” tool for promoting your organization. It lets you communicate with your clients in ways that have never existed before. You probably already have the basics – website, blog, Facebook and Twitter. The question […]

Photo Credit We’ve discussed some of the considerations of renting your theatre as an events space. We’ve talked about setting up your contracts and policies. We’ve also discussed how these rentals will affect staffing. You’ve put together a plan and now you’re ready to let the world know they can rent your space. What do […]

Photo Credit You’ve decided to make your theatre available as a rental!  You’ve developed contracts, rules and policies. Now you can move on to addressing the question of special event staffing. It’s best to plan this out before you have your first event booked. Let’s walk through the rental process as if we were considering […]

Photo Credit For most of us, our theatre is our biggest asset. It’s also our biggest expense! When you account for insurances, maintenance, utilities and the mortgage or lease you begin to see why some people say, “Money’s what you put in — theatre’s what you get out!” When these expenses are being discussed, one […]

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