Without a solid back-office no company can sustain itself and grow. I understand the importance of solid administration to the success of a theatre because I used to run one. So I write about the Business behind the Show with a focus on Regional and Community Theatre by using what I’ve learned through real-world experiences in business, in theatre and through a business education.  I believe that by applying strategic approaches to all areas of the business of “show business” we can build organizations that can be both economically viable and artistically valuable.

Northern Nevada is my home, so you’ll see references to theatres in the Reno/Sparks area, as well as those in nearby parts of California, Oregon and Utah but I reserve the right to include NYC and the rest of the world whenever appropriate! And I believe N. Nevada is ready to take its place among regions with a thriving theatre community. Sure, I have the qualifications to start a new theatrical company, but I don’t think the community needs this. What we need is organizations with the ability to grow from a local theatre into a regional theatre of distinction.

In our economic reality the need for theatre in our communities is greater than ever so let’s take care of Business, together!


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