Photo Credit Howard Sherman, who writes on Audience Development and the arts, raised this question in a post from February of this year, ,                 “… as the “arts community” fights its valiant, essential, and never-ending battle to convince the public at large of the value of “the arts,” I cannot help but wonder whether […]

Photo Credit Now that we know the stages of Team Formation, how can we minimize the drama? Here are some tips. Forming Theatrical communities can be pretty small. Participants pop up together in one show after another. This makes for a lot of familiarity, but it would be a mistake to assume that familiarity eliminates […]

Photo Credit Last time I introduced the idea of Team Development and related it to the “drama” we often experience off-stage during each new production. I explained a little about the first two phases of the process: Forming and Storming. Now let’s look at the 3 remaining phases: Norming, Performing and Adjourning. 3. Norming Norming […]

Photo Credit “That girl who’s playing Blanche is so stuck-up! I’ve been nothing but nice to her, and all she does is ignore me!” “The director HATES me. Did you hear how he talked to me last night? Everybody else he was, like, “Good job.” But with me? “You need to show up on time,” […]

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Photo Credit In my last post I discussed the importance of learning some basic accounting functions as a small business owner.  However, I did skip an important step that many small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with – will your business be for profit or not-for-profit?  There are hundreds of articles and…

Photo Credit Just about every non-profit theatre company depends on volunteers for everything from building sets to passing out programs.  We couldn’t do so much with so little if it weren’t for these generous people. They believe in what we’re doing and they help just so they can be a part of the fun. It’s […]

Choosing the plays to include in a season is one of the most important steps a company can take toward profitability. A wrong step in this process will cost you – sometimes it costs a LOT! Whatever you choose, your reputation is dependent on turning out a production with the highest quality you can offer. […]

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